P.J. started his professional career as a musician at the ripe old age of 16 as the Bass player for Trixter. TRIXTER ( signed its first major label record deal with MCA Records in 1989. Trixter went on to sell well over 1 million records and had 3 #1 videos on MTV. Touring with bands like KISS., POISON,SCORPIONS, WARRANT …ETC P.J. has played every arena/theater/outdoor pavilion and club all over the world. 

In 2002 P.J joined up with Active Rock chart toppers RA (Universal/Republic) in which he embarked on the 2nd chapter of his recording and touring career. Sneaking into the Modern Hard Rock genre and touring with bands like Staind, Seether and Sevendust , P.J. was able to remain relevant and creative in the music business while Trixter took a 13 year hiatus. 

In 2009 P.J. was asked to join up with Lita Ford and did some worldwide touring with her for almost 4 years along with a number of short stints with some other artists such as

OURS,Jimmy Gnecco and Deepfield.

All along this time frame he had been quietly recording songs over the years. Writing, performing all instruments and producing them.Those songs have become a cohesive collection that now make up his debut solo album titled “Boutique Sound Frames”


“I wrote and recorded these songs over the years alongside any band I was in because I felt that ,at the time, the songs weren’t a good fit for any band I was in at that point. These songs are a lot more personal as well and I guess always felt at some point I would/should release a solo record based on the nature of the lyrics…etc. They all came from a very genuine place creatively speaking. The fact that there was no goal with them enabled me to just write whatever I was feeling without having pressure to conform to any certain mold,genre or label chirping. It took 12 years or so lol but a wise man once said, “if its good enough, it doesn’t matter when it comes out”.