Hey everyone! If you are on this page ( aside from being here accidentally!) than it tells me you are interested in the “ Happs” of my music and I appreciate that so much!I’ve decided to reboot the website prematurely in order to do a mini “ Re-Release” of Boutique Sound Frames!

See, I’m in the middle of recording a follow up record and am trying to raise some funds. I know we live in an internet panhandling era and it is soooo helpful to us artists with putting out product.  Instead of going that route though I’ve decided to sell my first record (again) to try and help fund my 2nd one! I bought 2 vacation homes, a yacht and some ipo’s with the royalties of the first release.)

If you own this record but would like to support the next one then please buy one for a friend or share the link or just buy an extra  for your “ other car that’s a Ferrari” like the bumper sticker says! These records ain’t paying for themselves, nor are they sellin themselves these days so we gotta come up with ways to raise!!  

Thanx for stoppin by and I appreciate your support and interest!!-P.J.

Click the link below of you want to go to my online store…


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